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Roadmap to 2030

Food waste is a systemwide problem, and solving it will require a systemwide response. Our Roadmap to 2030: Reducing U.S. Food Waste by 50% looks at the entire food supply chain and identifies seven key action areas to help guide the food system’s efforts over the next ten years. In line with the "Target-Measure-Act" framework for food waste reduction that’s been adopted around the world, the Roadmap to 2030 is a critical blueprint to help the food system take action. View the entire report on this website or download our "at-a-glance" version with key highlights.

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2018 U.S. Food Waste Investment Report

2022 Annual Impact Report

2022 was a milestone year for the sector and for ReFED — food waste reduction has been elevated in the global conversation as to how to achieve rapid climate impacts, as governments, businesses, funders, and more recognize just how powerful a lever it can be. This annual report shines a spotlight on our accomplishments to give you a better sense of the work we’re doing and the progress your support makes possible.

Download 2022 Annual Impact Report

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