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Food waste is a systemwide problem – which means it will take systemwide action to solve it. The ReFED Food Waste Action Network (FWAN), is providing more than 700 members and counting a space designed to inspire collaboration between individuals and organizations from across the food system and from a diverse set of backgrounds.

FWAN members get exclusive access to events and opportunities like:

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Lunch 'N' Learns
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Innovation Demo Days
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Blogs & Case Studies
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Partner Events & Opportunities

Building on our history of convening leaders in the food waste sector through our Expert Network and Further with Food initiatives, the ReFED FWAN offers opportunities to connect with, teach, learn from other members, and gain access to the most up-to-date information on the topic – ultimately driving action toward our collective goal of reducing U.S. food waste by 50% by 2030.

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Being a member of FWAN gives you the opportunity to directly connect with leaders from across the food system, gain insights and key learnings from existing food waste reduction initiatives, and discuss opportunities for collaboration or project development. Members also get early ticket access to ReFED virtual webinars and events like the ReFED Food Waste Solutions Summit.

If you'd like to be connected with a current member of the Network, contact Angel Veza at with a request.


Lunch 'n' Learns

Enjoy lunch with us as we learn from leaders and experts from across the food system on key levers, actions, and solutions that will scale high-impact initiatives and reduce food loss and waste.

If you have an idea for a Lunch 'n' Learn topic or are interested in speaking at an upcoming Lunch 'n' Learn, contact Lily Herd at

Upcoming Events


Innovation Demo Days

Are you a capital provider seeking new funding opportunities, a company looking for new solutions to drive food waste reduction, or just interested in learning about effective food waste solutions? Then join ReFED's virtual Innovation Demo Days to see and hear from our vast network of solution providers offering innovative food waste solutions spanning the seven key action areas of ReFED's Roadmap to 2030.

There are currently no Innovation Demo Day events scheduled. Please check back soon!

If you're a food waste solution provider interested in presenting at an upcoming Innovation Demo Day, contact Lily Herd at


Blog & Case Studies

As a FWAN member, you have an opportunity to amplify your food waste reduction work, insights, and impact on ReFED's website and blog. We're building a library of case studies featuring organizations from across the food system that are successfully implementing food waste solutions.

If you're interested in having your work featured on ReFED's website, contact our Communications team at


Partner Events & Opportunities

FWAN Members have the chance to broaden their reach and highlight their events, programming, and opportunities. To discover upcoming food waste events as well as current opportunities like partnerships and open calls from across the ReFED Food Waste Action Network, see below.

If you have an upcoming event or opportunities you'd like to share with the Network, contact Lily Herd at

Who is the ReFED Food Waste Action Network for?

The ReFED FWAN is a free network designed for individuals and organizations interested in the fight against food waste – from food businesses, investors, entrepreneurs, and researchers to funders, community leaders, government officials, and more. We’ll offer events and resources tailored to specific groups, as well as regular opportunities for collaboration across groups.

Why become an official member of the ReFED FWAN?

In addition to participating in general ReFED programming, ReFED FWAN members will have access to a wide range of exclusive events and opportunities, including:

  • Networking
    • Meet new solution providers, funders, food businesses, government agencies, academics, consultants, and researchers with similar food waste reduction goals.
    • Gather with leaders from relevant sectors to discuss specific food waste topics and share insights, lessons learned, existing initiatives, and opportunities for collaboration or project development.
    • Get early access to tickets for ReFED events like the ReFED Food Waste Summit and Innovation Workshop.
  • Lunch ‘n’ Learns: Learn from leaders and experts across the food system on various food waste topics including: the climate-food waste connection, how policy and infrastructure plans under the new administration can fight food waste, the role of blended finance vehicles in scaling innovation in food waste solutions, and more.  
  • Innovation Demo Days: Hear about and see the latest innovations helping food businesses fight food waste! 
  • Blogs & Case Studies: Share your insights and amplify your work via case studies and articles highlighted on ReFED’s website and blog.

Can I share this with others?

Absolutely - if you have a recommendation of an individual or company that should join the ReFED FWAN, please share this with them.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you have any questions, please contact Lily Herd at

OK, I’m interested! How do I sign up?

Click here to fill out the short application form.

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