Opportunities for Food Waste Solution Providers to Engage with ReFED

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October 14 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST


ReFED is committed to supporting food waste solution providers and scaling effective solutions that can reduce food waste. That’s why we’ve designed a comprehensive platform for solution providers from across the food system to leverage our support and grow their impact. If you’re a food waste solution provider or interested in working with ReFED, tune in to our webinar on October 14th to learn about ways to partner with ReFED, opportunities to collaborate on improving data, and how to make the most of ReFED’s tools and resources.

What’s In It For You?

As an important member of ReFED’s 850-strong Solution Provider Directory, you’ll learn about the various resources available to you, such as:

  • The ReFED Insights Engine: Learn how the Insights Engine works and how you can use it to glean information about the food waste market opportunity and highlight the impact potential of your solution. Understand the crucial role data plays in our Insights Engine, and how updated and accurate data ultimately supports Solution Providers.
  • ReFED networks and events: Learn how ReFED’s networks, such as the Food Waste Action Network, and upcoming events present opportunities to advance collaboration and amplification of the work you are doing.
  • Capacity Building: Learn about a ReFED partnership opportunity that can increase your team’s capacity to push your food waste initiatives forward.
  • Case Studies: Hear how key players in the space, such as The Kroger Co., Drawdown Fund, policymakers, and UNFI, have used ReFED tools to form partnerships with solution providers like you, advance their impact, and achieve their goals.
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