Logistics: Connecting Food and Transportation Surpluses and Shortages Caused by COVID-19

Wednesday April 15, 2020 EST

Supply chains have yet to catch up to demand caused by the pandemic. This has left food rotting in fields and trucks parked in lots while retailers and food recovery organizations struggle to keep up with record demand. Join us as we discuss ways to get food to the people who need it.

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Key Takeaways


Many organizations have stopped operations by choice or by law; that could mean they have idle assets like trucks, refrigerators, and kitchens available for use. Think about what you need and think outside the box about who may have it. Barbara, for example, is using idle trucks and drivers from a party tent rental company and municipalities.


Our work in these chaotic times can be made easier by simplifying what we do. SKU rationalization — reducing the number of products you carry — is a great place to start. Tim also highlighted that simplified rules, from produce specifications to federal regulations, have already helped turn food surpluses into viable supplies.

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