Innovation Demo Day: Early Supply Chain Food Waste Reduction Solutions | Co-hosted by The Spoon and ReFED

Past Event

March 22, 2023 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST


Co-hosted by ReFED and The Spoon, this Innovation Demo Day will explore early food supply chain and innovative food waste reduction solutions.

It is best to reduce wasted food early in the supply chain as it gains more of a carbon footprint the more it is transported, processed, purchased, and taken to the consumer home. This looks like harvesting everything that is grown, finding new markets to sell produce that does not meet buyer specs, and improving systems of communication that relay forecasted demands back up the supply chain to producers. Solutions may include: Imperfect & Surplus Produce Channels, Buyer Specification Expansion, Gleaning, Partial Order Acceptance, Field Cooling Units, In-Field Sanitation Monitoring, Innovative Grower Contracts, Labor Matching, Smaller Harvest Lots, and more. Don’t miss out and register today to learn more about the latest innovations to reduce food waste


Julia DeGennaro

Senior Sales and Marketing Manager

Trevor McKeeman

CEO and Founder

Christine Moseley

CEO and Founder

Katherine Sizov

CEO & Co-Founder



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