Food Waste Funder Circle Pitch Event: June 2022

Past Event

June 2, 2022 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST


During the pitch event, you'll hear each organization’s 5 minute pitch and have the chance to ask questions via chat. Premium FWFC members will have the opportunity to note if they'd like to join a separate, future Q&A session with any of the companies.

  • Pitch 1: Chapul Farms is building an end-to-end, regenerative insect agriculture platform stewarding in a new era of integrated, biological solutions to solve the biggest global food system challenges (including food waste and soil health). They have built a modular and scalable design that leverages a nature-based solution for a more circular, sustainable food system.
  • Pitch 2: Clew’s mission is to build consciousness between people, their resource use, and its effects on the environment. Their first tool to support this mission is a small countertop food waste recycling appliance that in about one hour processes any residential food waste item (including bones and fruit pits) into an 80% mass reduced and shelf-stable precursor to compost.
  • Pitch 3: Natsberry is a platform that contains a digital recipe book, with a weekly planner that automatically converts weekly menus into a grocery list. Clients pay online and all ingredients and products are delivered to their doorstep. The platform allows users to buy only what is needed, thereby reducing overspending and throwing away food.
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