Food Rescue: Insights from the ReFED Accelerator and COVID-19 Fund

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Wednesday August 19, 2020

Food waste and hunger were two unfortunate realities that existed pre-COVID-19 and have been exacerbated as a result of the pandemic – completely disrupting the food supply chain and further increasing the number of individuals facing food insecurity. In 2019, ReFED created a Nonprofit Food Recovery Accelerator to develop sustainable business models and technologies using human-centered design; this year ReFED released a brand new report – Scaling Food Recovery and Hunger Relief: Learnings from ReFED's Nonprofit Food Recovery Accelerator – and launched the COVID-19 Food Waste Solutions Fund to quickly deliver vital funding to organizations on the front lines of food rescue and hunger relief. Join us to learn more about the ongoing challenges, opportunities, successes, and lessons learned from these front line organizations whose work during the crisis will not only help in the short-term, but will lead to a more resilient and equitable food system in the long-term.


Jennifer Boone

Director of Sourcing, Brighter Bites

Bryan Moran

Director of DevOps, Plentiful

Katie Marchini

COO, Replate

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Our new report offers guidance to the entire food system on how to support innovative food recovery organizations as they scale their work to reduce food waste and fight hunger. Includes best practices, case studies, and expert insights from a network of world-class food business and technology executives, capital providers, innovators, and subject matter experts.



Whether it is back-end website development or strategic advisory services, all of the panelists talked about non-financial support they’ve received from funders during the pandemic. Support in the form of unique skills, expertise, or experience can be as valuable as dollars in addressing the scale of the challenges we’re facing in these unprecedented times.

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