2021 PCFWC Annual Report

2021 PCFWC Annual Report

2021 PCFWC Annual Report

2021 end-of-year report features a special section with the first public data release from this initiative. Data collection is critical for food waste reduction efforts, as it is used to:

  • Establish a baseline for improvement;
  • Monitor progress;
  • Identify hotspots that need action; and
  • Highlight successes that can be replicated.

Throughout 2021, data collection was a major focus of the PCFWC, and by the end of the year, we had received 2019 data on Unsold Food Rates and Unsold Food Destinations from more than 30% of regional grocery market share. This information is a significant contribution to the body of knowledge and will support food waste reduction by highlighting where attention and resources need to be directed – by PCFWC signatories and those businesses that have not yet joined.


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