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impact study

The 2007 Impact Study showed that 95% of DAFI Graduates participating in the study were successfully employed, with over 70% in development-related sectors (Source: Tertiary Refugee Education, Impact and Achievements, 15 Years of DAFI, 2007). In general, DAFI Scholars make important contributions to the reconstruction and development of the country of origin or the refugee community as well as host country, when repatriation is not immediately feasible. Furthermore, DAFI Graduates serve as important role models to other refugee (school) students. This is true especially for female students, who can greatly contribute towards keeping other girls in school.

As more and more DAFI Scholars graduate and return to their home countries to contribute to an often difficult reconstruction process, it is important for all parties involved to remain in contact with the DAFI Alumni and to give them the means to network, exchange experiences, and enhance their chances to find employment. A particular focus has been given to strengthening alumni initiatives on the country level aiming at a systematic follow up on DAFI Graduates, and an active involvement of present and former scholars.


A past DAFI Scholar who read Physics at the University of Ghana, Michael Flowers is the Founder, CEO of the Flowers School of Technology and Management. In his efforts to help fellow refugees thrive, Flowers (a past DAFI Scholar) collaborates with the UNHCR BO Ghana, the Christian Council of Ghana and other interested parties in voluntarily providing capacity-building training programmes. He maintains an active interest in refugee education.


A DAFI Physics graduate from the University of Ghana, Allison is a Lecturer in Physics at his alma mater. Actively involved in DAFI students affairs, Allison remains a prominent mentor and keynote speaker for all things DAFI. Voluntarily facilitating training programmes for DAFI students, he also maintains direct contact with DAFI students for continuing guidance and assistance.


Dr. Kassa is a Rwanda-based Congolese DAFI sponsored medical doctor. Jean-Luc volunteers most part of his quality time at the Gihembe Refugee Camp in Rwanda, where he offers assistance in the medical sector. He offers free medical consultancy to refugees.

With the overwhelmingly increasing population of refugees worldwide, the size of the existing scholarships for Refugee Education leave out a large number of potential candidates during selections. With a little more help from other international donors and governments, the UNHCR Education Unit and partners would be able to create additional scholarships that will help increase the number of sponsored refugees. However, you can impact your world today by creating and offering opportunities to refugees


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