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UNHCR provides, on a limited basis, scholarships for refugees at the tertiary level in universities and polytechnic institutions through the Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative Fund (DAFI). Funding for this programme is provided by the Federal Government of Germany. The purpose of the DAFI Programme is to contribute to the self-reliance of refugees by providing them with a professional qualification for future employment. Scholarships are granted only for studies in the country of asylum.

The objectives of the Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative Fund (DAFI) includes: The successful DAFI-funded refugee graduate is expected to achieve self-reliance, seek gainful employment and help his/her family; The successful DAFI-funded refugee graduate is expected to explore his/her human resource development to contribute to the national reconstruction of the country of origin upon repatriation.

For rekindling our hopes, fulfilling our academic ambitions, making us what we are today, turning our tears into joy and smiles, giving us a new life, making our refugee world a better one, and all the good things that pages would be required to just list a few... we are grateful to the:

Government of the Federal Republic of Germany... and a special thanks to its Foreign Office, for their initiatives that gave birth to DAFI;

Deutsche Stiftung fÜR UNO FlÜchtlingshilfe (German Foundation for UN Refugee Aid)... for their financial contributions towards the DAFI programme; and

The UNHCR Headquarters and all the worldwide operational partners of the UNHCR for their outstanding commitment that continue to contribute to the success of the DAFI UN refugee scholarship programme.

Stay informed, download the DAFI Annual Reports among others. Please note: Copyright - UNHCR/HQ, Geneva. All Rights Reserved. Subject to statutory exception and to the provision of relevant collective agreements, no reproduction of any part of the report may take place without the written permission of UNHCR/HQ, Geneva.

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Since 1992, the Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative (DAFI) Programme provides scholarships for qualified refugees to study at universities and colleges in their host country and recently their country of return. Financed by the Government of Germany, DAFI has been and remains, by and large, a crucial option widely available for refugees to continue to tertiary education. DAFI has provided vital support towards the reconstruction of conflict countries, and is essential in UNHCR’s mandate and UNHCR’s search for durable solutions.

In many ways DAFI pioneered a new approach by going beyond the usual primary- and secondary education focus through enhancing access to tertiary education.

The primary objective of the DAFI Programme is to contribute to the promotion of self-reliance of refugee men and women by providing them with a professional qualification geared towards future gainful employment. More generally, the DAFI Programme aims to encourage the development of qualified human resources for the future reconstruction of refugees' home countries upon repatriation, thereby supporting greater peace and stability in the region. In refugee situations where repatriation is not, or not immediately feasible, DAFI scholarships may facilitate local integration, temporarily or permanently, and contribute to the development of the refugee community and/or the host country.


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