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Deka Hassen Mohmed and Ifrah Mohamed Hussen


DAFI German Scholarship Programme
Life story of DAFI students Deka Hassen Mohmed and Ifrah Mohamed Hussen

As Somali female students in the DAFI Scholarship Programme we want to take this opportunity to share some words with you and express our deepest appreciation. We would like to start by bringing you humble regards from Ethiopia, Jijiga. Coming from Kebribeyah refugee camp we have received a golden opportunity through the German DAFI Scholarship programme.

We fled from Somalia to Ethiopia in 1991 with our families when we were around 4 to 6 years old. Our childhood memories come from Kebribeyah refugee camp. We do not have tangible memories of our home country Somalia. Life in Kebribeyah Camp was not easy to overcome. The life in the camp is a labyrinth of social and economic difficulties. The basic needs for an individual in life are not taken for granted in the camp.

Despite the constraints in Kebribeyah we devoted our time to study in primary and secondary school. It was a challenging step to go from Kebribeyah secondary school to the Nursing School. The opportunities to study as DAFI students gave us moral support, dignity and believe for the future. The nursing programme offers us education in clinical nursing and midwifery. The chance to study in the town of Jijiga in the Nursing School makes us experience life in a different environment and teaches us how to manage in life. Fortunately, we are studying with a group of refugee female students, all enrolled in the DAFI Programme. We live and study together in the campus. We have been together since the start of grade 1 in Kebribeyah Camp.

After the academic year 2005-2006 we still have 1 year remaining in the Nursing School. Future dreams? We would like to continue our education and learn for medical doctor. If we get the chance and peace will come to our country we would like to help the Somali community in Somalia.

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